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Sincerely Fortune

Aug 27, 2019

Fortune's mom, Ginger, sits down with Fortune to talk about several encounters that she's had with ghosts and real haunted houses over the course of her life. While Fortune is a bit skeptical, is does make you wonder, "Are ghosts real?" 

Aug 20, 2019

Fortune and Jax have spent a lot of time on the road as of late and they share some of the handiest travel tips they've discovered along the way.

Aug 13, 2019

Fortune and Jax reveal all of their obsessions from childhood, and then they talk about all of the things the are currently obsessed with as adults. Get ready for some real doozies!


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Aug 6, 2019

Fortune makes Jax listen to her recap of the Bachelorette finale, which leads them into a discussion about some bad dates they had in the past. They then read stories from listeners who have also experienced dates gone wrong.

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