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Sincerely Fortune

Feb 26, 2020

Fortune and Jax talk with Nina West (Andrew Levitt) who won Miss Congeniality on season 11 of RuPaul's Drag Race. They talk about perseverance, coming out, Drag Race, and answer some listener questions. You can follow Nina on social media platforms @NinaWest or find tour dates on

Feb 19, 2020

Fortune and Jax sit down with Life In Pieces star, Angelique Cabral. They talk about the show, motherhood, acting, and what's next.  

You can watch Angelique as Becca on Amazon's "Undone", and follow her on social media @angeliquecabral


Feb 12, 2020

Fortune and Jax talk all things Valentine's Day for people in long term relationships needing to keep the spark alive, couples on a budget, and all the single folks out there. They also answer questions from fans about love and give V-Day date ideas. 

Feb 5, 2020

Fortune and Jax's beloved Pomeranian, Biggie, had a major health scare a few weeks back where he almost died. Turns out he got something called HGE. They talk about what happened and the symptoms of HGE in hopes of spreading awareness.