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Sincerely Fortune

Mar 25, 2020

Fortune and Jax call comedian Justin Martindale to talk about the Netflix documentary that everyone can't stop talking about, Tiger King. They also give their latest self-quarantine update. 

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Mar 18, 2020

Fortune and Jax talk about their social distancing experience so far and what they are to doing to cope. They also check in with Fortune's mom, Ginger, to see how she's taking care of herself during these unsettling times. 


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Mar 11, 2020

After always being asked what they like to do in their free time, Fortune and Jax talk about their favorite hobbies. They even reveal some of their most embarrassing ones from childhood. They talk about how hobbies are good for you and how to discover news ones as you get older. 

Mar 4, 2020

Fortune and Jax break down the complexities of the coronavirus in the most basic way that two non-Scientists can. They give tips on how to deal with it, they discuss different myths about it, and then Jax talks all things germs.